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Wants library project scaled back 051598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Re Dr. Jeff Hardin's April 26 letter regarding the proposed new library for Columbia County.

I strongly agree that Columbia County needs a new and modern library equipped with the latest in technology and ample space for moderate expansion. One only has to look at the public high schools in our county to see their media centers offer much more than our present county library system.

They can accommodate anywhere from 8 to 15 students on the Internet or state university system at any time during their hours of operation, giving students access to numerous data bases and reference resources.

We should enter this venture, not with an attitude of competitiveness, but one that demonstrates a desire for sharing the resources of the entire area, such as Richmond County, Augusta State University, Paine College and Augusta Tech libraries.

As a voter and citizen of Columbia County, I do not feel it would be unfair to ask the Board of Commissioners to reject or scale down any consultant's recommendation of any proposed project or to request an upgrade of a project. Dr. Hardin stated in his letter that the consultant's recommendation is just advice.

The last paragraph of Dr. Hardin's letter left me somewhat confused! I must quote: "The new Columbia County library will be all of this and more -- the centerpiece, the jewel in the crown of the proposed Evans Town Center concept. And it will be 66,000 square feet!"

Is he promoting a township for Evans with it's own "trophy" or is he expressing the needs of the citizens of Columbia County? A 66,000 square foot library will be expensive to maintain and operate.

One remaining question. Is it possible the Gibbs Library hours of operation and only one connection to the Internet has anything to do with county library funding?

R. Chris Hand,Evans


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