Originally created 05/14/98

Suspects criticism of Regency site 051498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Your recent editorial condemning a possible move of local government to Regency Mall so soon after announcement of a study on our options seems rather suspicious. We have long known that the interests behind The Chronicle seek to stand in the way of any progress that evenly distributes economic opportunity throughout the county.

It is obvious that it will only support the kind of local government growth that feeds local property and financial interests, even if it means crowding government offices into a downtown already strapped for parking.

Perhaps old money and political interests in Augusta see some sense in having a government that is poorly coordinated and organized due to lack of accessibility and centralization.

The Chronicle forgets that the voters of this county supported consolidation. The people of Richmond County will have the government they deserve, not the government selfish downtown interests wish to force upon us.

Darren Smith, Augusta


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