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Asks drivers to use turn signals 051498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Road rage seems to be a big topic in the news right now. No one seems able to explain the phenomenon. I have a simple explanation for it: Drivers do stupid things. We all have done something stupid in a car at some time. But, the goal should be to avoid doing stupid things so often. If you are on the receiving end of road rage, look at your driving habits and see what it was that set someone off.

That said, this is for all you baggy-pant draggin', Gangsta'-rappin', bass-thumpin', tobacco-chewin', knuckle-draggin', cousin-marryin', seat belt buckle- draggin', one headlight-burnin', beer can-throwin', cigarette butt-tossin', left lane-huggin', right lane-passin', coffee-drinkin', french fry-eatin', make-up-applyin', cell phone-using drivers: Use your turn signals. Good drivers do! You don't!

Turn signals are meant to tell others what you are going to do. You probably know where you are going to turn (its not a given!) or that you intend to take that "Y" in the road or enter a parking lot. But no one in front or behind you knows unless you use your turn signals like God intended. Also, for the drivers who do use their signals just as they turn -- too late! Obviously, these drivers think the turn signal lever actually makes their car turn that direction. Sad.

When you see someone finally slow and make a turn without using their signal (while you sat, patiently waiting at the stop sign,parking lot, side road or subdivision entrance,) don't get road rage. Those drivers are just stupid and don't know any better. Their momma didn't raise 'em right. Just give them a nice, slow round of applause, clapping your hands in appreciation of their inconsiderate behavior. Maybe, just maybe, they will wonder why another driver would clap their hands out the window. They may even realize they didn't signal. And maybe they will think "Next time, I will signal to let them know. I know I don't like to wait either!" Sure they will! When the pigs at Sconyers BBQ take flight.

Paul Mallon, Augusta

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