India, Egypt blast West for unfair trade practices

Pepsi says Coke monopolizes fountain sales

Advertisers paying through their noses for `Seinfeld' finale

Gingrich: Bigger surplus should go for Social Security and tax cuts

Business briefs

Banks need to protect consumers' privacy, regulator warns

US West and Qwest announce alliance

Church to move for inn

Jury begins deliberating Texaco tapes case

Is a Mercedes still a Mercedes -- and a Chrysler a Chrysler?

Late Easter holiday helped retail sales

Loans worry bankers

Daimler-Benz make Chrysler deal official

'Big Three' heading toward extinction

Japan's recovery top concern of finance ministers

Volkswagen to buy Rolls Royce

Mega-merger expected to reshape auto industry

Retail center slated for Walton Way

Job hunting great for recent grads

Japanese stocks close lower, dollar rises in Tokyo

EU bank chief rejects criticism, pledges stable euro

$60 million scam targeted people seeking venture capital

Jobless rate plummets; for workers, 'as good as it gets'

Colorful memories of a prom

Firefighter: 'You're never prepared for this'

Golf Channel added to cable roster

Tornado victims count blessings

Lops heads to Germany with daughters

Gifted students get taste of U.N. vote

Pupils throughout state visit fort

Carter pushes greater U.S.-African relations

Tornadoes strike area

Locals heroically fight storm

Pioneer finishes program

Maintaining shade at the old ballpark

Students like online university

Three airports near each other confuse pilots

Neighbors feud with developers over lot

Severe thunderstorms make way across state

Facility would create jobs

Blow your horn

Board orders audit, budget investigation

Additional area news

Hero from bus attack allegedly forged check

Highway named for state senator

Georgia Lottery drawings held

Heroes emerge in wake of storms

Severe storms hit again Friday

McKinney demands apology from Clinton

Millner leads pack financially

Pupil blowing her own horn

House option may be nullified

Girls getting settled into home in Germany

Director of Players quits job

Rights bring lawyer back to court

Twisters got fast response

Playground-buy rule doubted

Residents clean up after storms

Manpower for military funerals gets harder to find

Local and area briefs

Georgia lottery drawings held

Neighbors feud with developers over lot

El Nino effects not to blame for tornadoes, thunderstorms

Brothers hang together during storm

Hawthorne lawyers file trial appeal

Something for Mom

Tornado timeline

Airport may face lawsuit

Suggests ways to improve ON TV 050998 - The Augusta Chronicle

S.C. judges OK'd 050898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Clarifies goals of military order 050998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Rescuing Augusta's needy 050998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Mrs. Schrenko goes to D.C. 050998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Jabs businessman's proposed `slum' 050898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says start investigation in our homes 050998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits lack of recycling in Augusta 050898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Raises conflict of interest questions 050998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Notes Carter's sub will get company 050898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Defends candidate despite `mistake' 050898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Demands end to special downtown tax 050898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Deceitful S.C. games 050898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Weiss sparks Atlanta's lineup

NCAA to appeal $67 million penalty

Baseball roundup: McGwire slams homer 400

Knights ready for Packers

Women's Olympic trials make return to Columbia

Classic Cat expected to join Preakness field

Giants turn triple play vs. Cubs

West happy with Georgia recruits

Braves notes: Cox impressed with Rocker

Don't mess with a hitting streak, indeed

Spring Valley is last hurdle for South Aiken tennis team

Greenbrier gets win in Game 1

GreenJackets go to the 'Dogs

Guillen excited about chance

Bulls lead series 2-1 after win

Oksana Baiul enters alcohol rehab

Greenbrier tastes icing for season

De La Hoya wants Chavez

Braves drop game to Padres

Atlanta roughs up Padres

Calcavecchia grabs BellSouth lead

Panthers happy to be at home

Jackets win, split series with Bombers

Russia stunned by Switzerland 4-2

Arrogance may have cost the NCAA $40 million

Ovitz presents plan to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles

Overtime: NCAA probe of Cincinnati to go deeper

Malone gets his kicks while Robinson gets mad

Andretti clocks fastest practice time for Rio 400

Lakers whip 'Sonics by 16

Willingham lone meet winner

Cardinals' Gaetti still strong at 40

Davis, Knights get miracle

Golf roundup: Parry, Blake tie for lead

Bulls owner denies he wants to break up team by

Elway defers $1.4 million bonus to give Broncos more salary-cap space

Evans, Colquitt split games

Olympic reunion for 1968 team

Using pesticides

Rockets launched music career

Science students ponder ideas of religion

Le Cafe du Teau offers appetizing intimacy

Troubled country star left impression on fans

International garden designer visiting the Garden city

Folk singer has put punk in the past

Raspberries -- it's the taste, not the sound

Speakers put joy of faith first in women's conference

Healing Power

Concert watch: Hot Country Night

Young Bible scholars find inspiration in quiz competition

Club calendar

Applause calendar

Sexy silliness

Mini movie reviews

Church bulletin

Video watch: Alien Resurrection

Performer Eddie Rabbitt dies at 56

`Deep Impact' has shallow plot

We're off to see the Wizard - dance

Russians say they will begin to lower Mir's orbit

Computer Q&A: My Pentium locks up

Apple, Pentium in showdown

Students with laser pointers worry officials

Trio plans to circle the globe at edge of space

The Web: How big?

Wired magazine sold to Conde Nast

Microsoft working to clear way for Windows 98

Link between hormone, cancer found

Space dust may kill some Earth animals

Allergy medicines are recalled

Plasma-washing technology approved

States may file case against Microsoft

FCC to address Internet subsidies