Originally created 04/23/98

Laments pursuit of sordid court case 042398 - The Augusta Chronicle

In view of Paula Jones' decision to appeal the ArkansasCourt's verdict regarding her sexual harassment case, it seems that President Clinton's jubilant beating of the drums in Senegal was a bit premature.

Regardless of the Court of Appeals' decision, neither Ms. Jones, the president, nor the country will benefit from the continuing bad publicity and the gridlock on government policies.

The president has been ill served by his expensive legal team and his spinmeisters. This sordid episode should have, and could have, been settled quietly and without fanfare years ago if someone involved had had any common sense.

With the backing of both the right and left wing millionaire conspirators, this case will eventually land in the lap of the U.S. Supreme Court sometime in the next century! God bless America!

Al Kotras, Martinez


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