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Testimony of rape victim, aggressor conflict

It was all her idea, Lynn George Mauk said of an Augusta woman he is accused of brutalizing last fall.

It was the woman who wanted her wrists bound behind her back, who asked to be beaten and sodomized with a tree branch, he told a Richmond County Superior Court jury Wednesday. She was the aggressor who wanted to have sex, Mr. Mauk testified.

"It was all consensual. Honest to God. She liked this. She said, `Beat me,"' Mr. Mauk, 37, of Scottdale, Ga., testified.

Today the jury will decide who it believes as members deliberate whether Mr. Mauk is guilty of rape, aggravated sodomy and kidnapping.

Mr. Mauk was arrested Sept. 17, less than two hours after Richmond County Sheriff's investigators were called to Frontage Road, where they found an Augusta woman hysterical and nearly naked. She was taken to a hospital where she was treated for bruises and abrasions on her wrists, back, legs, breast and genital area.

Tuesday, in the first day of Mr. Mauk's trial, the woman told the jury that she had been drinking at home after working the 3-11 p.m. shift when she got into an argument with her boyfriend and set out on foot for her sister's home.

She was walking down Wrightsboro Road about 2 a.m. when Mr. Mauk drove by and begged for help in finding his way back to a hotel on Bobby Jones Expressway, she testified. She voluntarily got into the truck and even helped him buy crack cocaine from an acquaintance she saw on the street that night, she testified.

But hours later, near dawn, she just wanted to go home when Mr. Mauk pulled behind a Frontage Road business and ordered her out of the truck, she testified. Armed with a box cutter, he bound her hands behind her back, brutalized her with a tree branch and raped her, she testified.

Mr. Mauk testified Wednesday, however, that he and the woman had been joking about kinky sex most of the time they were together and what happened that night was at her beckoning. But as they were about to have sex in the parking lot on Frontage Road, she suddenly "freaked out," possibly from a crack-induced seizure, and ran screaming toward the road Mr. Mauk ran after her to try to keep her from getting hit by a car, he testified.

Mr. Mauk fled after a driver stopped to investigate because he believed the police would be called and the woman would lie because she was a prostitute, he testified.

Mr. Mauk has been held in jail without bond since his arrest the morning of Sept. 17.


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