Hankook contract probable

Additional business news

Secretaries praised today

Carpet recycler seeking plant

Pill a threat to other treatments

Airline customers upset

Lockheed Martin earnings down 7 percent

Additional business news

GOP leaders tell Bowers to quit

Health care on Coverdell agenda

New voting system in use for commissioners

Payments also have odd items

Georgia lottery drawings held

Coles vows to beat Coverdell

Critics skeptical of conservation effort

Deputy indicted in death

Pests swarm Georgia coast

Panel decries school funding

Additional area news

Landfill plan saving little

County denies zoning

Renovation costs exceed original plan

Lack of recycling would make city unique

Pension plan detrimental to substitute teacher

Athlete falls to illness

Authorities eye options for garbage

Pupils walk arm-in-arm with class at school

Governor approves pay raises

In Aiken, suspected abandoned crack house burns

Miller signs bill to fund preservation

Senate to debate car tax

The warm and sunny weather allowed truck washing

Officials weigh benefits of breast-cancer drugs

Interns get doctors' outlook

Proposal for hotel no more

Working to keep street clean in downtown Augusta

Getting pitching machine ready ready for season

Murder suspect on trial

Musician a master of strings

City council to stay local for retreat

Veteran guilty in knife case

Greenbrier, Harlem win Coke prize

Getting some help from Mom on the first time out

Miller signs final state budget

Georgia lottery drawings held

Additional area news

Clear sunny day makes for good painting weather

Witness describes encounter

Sees Clinton promoting socialism 042198 - The Augusta Chronicle

A Georgia success story 042298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Petition the court! 042198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts Aiken County school plan 042298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Earth Day reflections 042298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Rebuke Fonda for U.N. remarks 042298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Questions choice of role model Jordan 042198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Praises Sheriff's Department chaplain 042298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wants seat beltson school buses 042298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts local senator's bid for funds 042198 - The Augusta Chronicle

North Augusta's White gets 1-hitter

Bulls fans wonder how egos can get in way of greatness

Christian on the bench

'Awesome car' pits Hamilton a winner

Westside girls nail down spot in playoffs

GreenJackets fall to Stixx

NBA playoffs: Teams ready for post season

Kenya's Tanui regains title with late kick in marathon

White to play another season

Ryan makes pitch to improve baseball

GHSA creating financial rules

Presidents say rule helped more than it harmed

Keeping tabs on winners, losers in draft

Baseball roundup: McGwire gets 9th homer

Overtime: Ballesteros enshrinement is delayed

Maddux, Braves stave off Colorado

It's Chipper on the warpath

Red Sox win again in their last at-bat

Signing with Carolina ends Gilbert's hiatus

Overtime: Lakeside at home today for playoff

Norman out for season

Denver, April not good mix for Braves

Courier advances, other high seeds bumped

Hornets next for Atlanta

Warren concentrates to second ACC golf crown

Shyatt a worrying kind of coach

RedStixx win two from Jackets

Clemson home to Shyatts

Sharks plan to make noise in NHL playoffs

Braves notes: Braves' Cox continues to stand by Martinez

Baseball notes: Johnson suspended for 3 games

Seinfeld who?

Be on the lookout for 2,000 pound strawberry

Age old question: Ensuring your personal safety is a matter of common sense

The supermarket shopper: United States is coupon saver of the supermarket world

Small portions: News and notes from the world of food

Study says many people don't recognize stroke

Reagan ranch being sold to conservative group

Tasty pasta dish has everything you love about pizza, except the fat

Senior calendar

Good pirates

Can this marriage be saved: Don't make bedroom a battle zone

Cooking is no chore for contest winners

Fruity dessert brings back spring color

The people's pharmacy: Research shared on DHEA

McCartneys: A real-life love story

Perseverance finally pays for Ally's musical voice

Xtreme style

Xtreme advice: If he loves you, he'll accept 'No'

Back in control

Administration won't pay for needle exchanges

Japan to watch for falling space trash and asteroids

Computer crashes on Gates, Windows 98

A real rat race: Columbia's rats scurry around track in brain study

Evidence of distant solar system found

Patients clamor for impotence drug

Microsoft, Justice Department to argue crucial case in court

Microsoft argues crucial appeals case

Thumbprinting catching on