Originally created 04/11/98

Asks Clinton-like help for mortals 041198 - The Augusta Chronicle

In Lou Steadman's April 8 epistle she indicates by verbiage (or is it garbage) that she talks to God and God is for Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton. I have been looking for some time for one who communicates with God and now I am blessed with Ms. Steadman.

I have a wish list of some magnitude, but missing are young ladies with overactive libidos. Perhaps Ms. Steadman is Santa Clause in disguise and while pardoning the Clintons can also put in a word for us mortals. This must be some talent ... taking care of the president's loose zipper all in the name of religion. One must wonder what religion and to what purpose?

Ms. Steadman, you just go on documenting the UFO's in this area and let us know when it's time for us to board without the Kool Aid. If you haven't been diagnosed yet, you can stop by the Veterans Administration on Wrightsboro Road for a free scan. They even have medication for those with delusions. Happy conversing and don't forget those who want a new car.

K.G. Watson, Augusta


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