Originally created 04/11/98

News stories raise disturbing questions 041198 - The Augusta Chronicle

The Chronicle's March 25 front page story about the five people killed in an Arkansas school ambush, and the related articles, gripped me with emotional questions. Why? What triggers a youngster to act so violently? Closer to home, in the Columbia County section, I read about a local high school student suspended because he wore a perfectly decent shirt bearing the "wrong" logo.

To me, it was obvious that the almighty dollar is more important to the school administrators than the educational opportunity in their hands. Another recent article called attention to our state legislators who spent more time discussing street names than what to do about our poor national standing in education.

The entire cola gimmick was staged to get money into the school. This lesson is in marketing, not the three "R's." The second lesson being taught is that individuals should not be allowed to think and plan for themselves. The third lesson is if you can't have the whole enchilada, have sour grapes.

How much time was spent organizing Coke in Education Day? Could this time have been better spent researching new ideas to improve teaching methods?

Sue Camp, Evans

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