Originally created 04/11/98

Finds `Colors' anoffensive film 041198 - The Augusta Chronicle

I rarely go to the movies because there are so few that I consider entertaining. However, much to my sorrow, I recently went with some friends to see Primary Colors.

I read the review of this movie and knew that it was based on a political campaign and was supposedly funny. Nothing prepared me for the profanity and blasphemy coming out of the mouths of all the actors; from the beginning of the film to the end. The "F" word seemed to be used in every line as well as many other vulgar words. If the review had mentioned that "vulgarity was being spoken here," I would not have wasted my money or time being insulted.

I do not believe that this dialogue is the norm, even in the world of politics. If so, I certainly do not want to be involved.

I think the writers, directors, producers, etc., had to be a "sick" bunch and hope it will not win any awards.

Nelle Murrell, North Augusta

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