Business briefs: IRS expands operating hours

Masters absorbs business

Club makers say new driver tops titanium

Profit growth slows for major companies

Joe Camel unable to get out from under Marlboro Man

On the move

Cost of living affects decisions to relocate

IRA trusts let some account owners `rule from grave'

Baseball planning comeback

Cable system drops MTV

In new hands

Business calendar

Wrong ID common goof on tax form

Georgia Lottery drawings held

Festival draws large crowds

Expenses bringing up concerns

Paper's Masters Week effort time well-spent

Officials believe fog responsible for crash

S.C. candidate reaches record in fund-raising

Kickoff features cooking

Defense in cases studied

Swing low

All appears quiet on election front

Industries' reputation has changed

Commuter rail line not on the fast track

City curtsies to Masters

Homes must meet standards

Natural corridors may spur tornadoes

Court may limit fee increases

Ask Us: Lemmings not truly suicidal

Residents unhappy about prison

Students uncertain on HOPE

Poker's images varied

Local and area briefs

Augusta has more to offer visitors

Masters' forecast looks damp

Local and area briefs

Brown carved niche in movement

Clogged arteries expected

Augusta known for its ABCs

Georgia Lottery drawings held

Goats give new take on man's best friend

High court to decide legality of gambling

Frisbee-catching champ

King's followers mark anniversary of death

Region safe from path of tornadoes

Church marking history

Blasts `single-by-choice' mothers 040598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blames guns for Arkansas massacre 040598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Bella Abzug 040698 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts hypocrisy of pro-abortionists 040698 - The Augusta Chronicle

Finds divorce too easy in Georgia 040598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wants Commission to end 'bail outs' 040698 - The Augusta Chronicle

Don't cut natatorium 040598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Raps methods in charities expose 040598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Charges `care homes' out of control 040698 - The Augusta Chronicle

Rebuts supporter of gambling industry 040598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Clarifies letter to Aiken School Board 040598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Instant replay has support, but nobody wants it

Cox sits Jones after poor start

Stars carry the load as Lakeside wins

Thinking of Masters can come any time

Martin wins toughie 500

Last star falls from Family Circle sky

Easy come, easy go for Tyson

Thomson's Belle Meade holds the line on fees during Masters

World, national archery titles owned by Martinez woman

Drivers respect Burton

Pride may be answer at leadoff

Time has come to reconsider spring football

Ex-Tech star hits winning basket to beat Hawks

Braves rally in 8th for victory

Maddux's rare muff costs Braves

Jackets getting ready for Smoltz

Hope springs eternal for Clemson's West

Gamecocks' Jordan has new outlook on football

Helpful hints for visitors to our town

Lakeside areas missing boat on facilities

Augusta State showing the way

Ballclub's owner OKs team's sale

Zanardi comes from behind to beat Herta again

Texas speedway springs leak

Michigan ices hockey title

Red Casey almost back to normal

Coetzer celebrates a two-set triumph

Kight gets winner for Rhein Fire

U.S. doubles its pleasure at Davis Cup

Taylor's in special company

Soccer federation could get boot from USOC

Sports overtime: Lutrick scores another first

Youthful British star wins Freeport-McDermott

Recalling history

Auction sells everything from ghastly to bizarre

Secretary out of line on seating

Pez lovers meet to swap, pop

Manhattan Titanic tour finds memories, no icebergs

Symphony, choral society do justice to Beethoven's works

Study: Stress and high-fat snacking in women

Some lefty golfers play both sides

Lack of continuity, errors mar Masters book

Metal and medicine

Fine arts calendar

Autograph seekers may come up blank

Younger Americans wary of old age

Egypt closes Great Pyramid to remove graffiti, fix cracks

Stack's next network? That's a mystery

Like fountain, explorer's search is mythical

A lot more than golf

Databases need structure to be effective

Expanding the digital age

'Gex: Enter the Gecko' dazzles with color, humor

MS-DOS goes back in time

Computer Q&A: Which switches can fix printer problem?

Blind Internet users growing

Baseball on the web yields plenty of diamonds

National Atomic Museum pays tribute to nuclear pioneers

El Nino site gives information without the mess

Encoding lets you send non-text through e-mail

Avoid pitfalls when navigating around bad drivers

How the Internet game is played

Broadcasters mull TV's future in age of digital flexibility

Idaho Indian tribe takes gamble on Internet gambling


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