Employers shed jobs in March for the first time in two years

Cost of living affects decisions to relocate

Joe Camel unable to get out from under Marlboro Man

On the move

Baseball planning comeback

IRA trusts let some account owners `rule from grave'

GM reports sales increase

Cable system drops MTV

Business briefs: IRS expands operating hours

Big business wins Congress backing in foreign tax crackdown

Club makers say new driver tops titanium

Report: FedEx incentives could hit $135 million

Masters absorbs business

Report: UAL Corp., Delta in talks on forming alliance

Dow industrials flirt with 9,000 mark

Wrong ID common goof on tax form

Business calendar

Swiss central bank says it will fight U.S. suit

Harbor fees struck down by justices

Festival draws large crowds

City curtsies to Masters

Georgia lottery drawings held

S.C. candidate reaches record in fund-raising

Columbia County Health inspection results

Officials believe fog responsible for crash

Farmers want details of tobacco settlement

Students uncertain on HOPE

Georgia Lottery drawings held

Frisbee-catching champ

Industries' reputation has changed

Corps, state mulling park transformation

Masters' forecast looks damp

Four more counties get aid

Local and area briefs

Augusta known for its ABCs

Swing low

Goats give new take on man's best friend

Defense in cases studied

Races may get sponsor

MCG widens effort to draw minorities

Poker's images varied

Thurmond praises national press

Paper's Masters Week effort time well-spent

Barber can't seem to leave his office

Richmond County Health inspection results

Rainstorm cleans city for Masters

Additional area news

Politicos: Gambling referendum won't influence election

Killer indicted in 1979 slayings

Georgia man wins suit against port authority

Man returns to work after acquittal

Brown carved niche in movement

Explains Internet's effect on copy rights 040498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Rebuts supporter of gambling industry 040598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Don't cut natatorium 040598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Advises nonprofit groups to disclose 040498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Finds divorce too easy in Georgia 040598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says Americans wrong about character 040498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts `single-by-choice' mothers 040598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Welfare reform, Part II 040498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Raps methods in charities expose 040598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blames guns for Arkansas massacre 040598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Offers victims' families biblical comfort 040498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Clarifies letter to Aiken School Board 040598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Ga. med board too soft 040498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Braves rally in 8th for victory

Thomson's Belle Meade holds the line on fees during Masters

Top-seeded Davenport falls, Seles escapes

Neagle frustrates Phillies' batters

Instant replay has support, but nobody wants it

Teams wary of QB injuries in spring

Shaq scores 50 points against Nets

Morgan, Irwin chasing Wargo

Wargo being chased by Morgan, Irwin

Lakeside areas missing boat on facilities

Hope springs eternal for Clemson's West

Time has come to reconsider spring football

Last star falls from Family Circle sky

Ballclub's owner OKs team's sale

Jackets getting ready for Smoltz

Red Casey almost back to normal

Braves notes: Weiss more problems with hamstring

Easy come, easy go for Tyson

Something missing at Cubs' opener -- the voice of Harry Caray

Stars carry the load as Lakeside wins

Thinking of Masters can come any time

Augusta State showing the way

Drivers respect Burton

Gamecocks' Jordan has new outlook on football

Water on track delays qualifying

Texas speedway springs leak

Rookie in lead at New Orleans

Kight gets winner for Rhein Fire

Coach wants print of Augusta National

Helpful hints for visitors to our town

Rain forces first-day postponement of US-Russia Davis Cup tie

World, national archery titles owned by Martinez woman

Winning pole a stressful experience

Cox sits Jones after poor start

Alley Cats get revenge

Marino to play in Atlanta, Charlotte

Baseball roundup: Valentin Keys Brewers to win

Pez lovers meet to swap, pop

Recalling history

Fine arts calendar

Symphony, choral society do justice to Beethoven's works

Lack of continuity, errors mar Masters book

Gospel choir has reason to sing out a joyful song

Church bulletin

Like fountain, explorer's search is mythical

A lot more than golf

Study: Stress and high-fat snacking in women

Apocalyptic church struggling after Armageddon didn't happen

Secretary out of line on seating

Auction sells everything from ghastly to bizarre

Retired doctor's mistake will mean delivery of 1.7 million Jesus videos

East meets West in Finnish Easter witch tradition

Habitat volunteers embark on building spree

Bishops urge Pope to act "very soon" in Groer case

Another ruling, another defeat for Hasidic school district

Younger Americans wary of old age

Churches miss cut on golf speakers

Stack's next network? That's a mystery

Seder meal celebrates liberation

Manhattan Titanic tour finds memories, no icebergs

Coalition leader says rumors of group's death unfounded

A celebration of heritage

Databases need structure to be effective

New screen saver dances to whatever music you choose

'Caller pays' system increases cell phone usage abroad

N.J. governor goes online for chat

How the Internet game is played

FCC considers fees for Internet long-distance calls

National Atomic Museum pays tribute to nuclear pioneers

Church turns to Internet for disaster aid

DejaNews puts newsgroups within easy reach

University gives kids web access

Encoding lets you send non-text through e-mail

Electric bus makes local debut

Idaho Indian tribe takes gamble on Internet gambling

MS-DOS goes back in time

Blind Internet users growing


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