Additional business news

Home sales hit record high

Campaign finance reform set to fail

Company expanding its flights

OPEC hopes cuts will save market

CEO says education vital

Banks limiting loans

Interest charges constant

U.S. researches plastic money

Imports limit U.S. car prices

Study: 1,137 wealthy Americans avoid income tax

USDA projects exports down $2.5 billion

Program draws businesses, jobs into Georgia

Wealthy protest capital gains cut as unfair

BMW buying Rolls-Royce

Move to interchange improves dealership's business

Trimming away shrubs and time on gorgeous day

Baseball's magic back once again

Student effort campaigns against smoking

Emissions rules may widen scope

Former Millner staffer to lead Christian Coalition

Additional area news

Georgia lottery drawings held

Two millionaires in governor's race

Officials approve barrier

Georgia lottery drawings held

Candidate promises environmental laws

County releases director

Serious collision takes place on Washington Road

Bella Abzug, 77, former U.S. representative, dies

12th tornado victim dies

Visitors take in the beautiful sight of flowers

Craig letter angers city officials

Early renovations finished at Imperial

Dr. Jain admits mistakes

The signs are there that Masters is about here

Lawmakers decry tax ballot

Additional area news

Praises candidate's stand on schools 033198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Top PC outrages 033198 - The Augusta Chronicle

End online theft 040198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Slams proposed Columbia Co. taxes 040198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Fruitful med panel 033198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Criticizes investigations of fire chief 040198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Supports anti-persecution legislation 033198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wants `hateful attitudes' silenced 040198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Praises `watchdogs' in Columbia Co. 040198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Holds parents responsible for violence 033198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Taylor Made jumps into kids golf market

Johnsen accepts apology from Tar Heels player

Jackets get shot at Smoltz

Wildcats' rallies help team to title

Utah led by 10 at half

Diving in the outfield has new meaning

Liberian honored by writers' group

Too early to judge Jones

Reds cut payroll; Indians get Burba

Braves slide past Milwaukee

Harlem hammers Washington-Wilkes

Gridiron notes: Falcons may head to Furman

Braves notes: Lopez working to improve stance

Hoops notes: Tigers name Stokes associate head coach

Fatality occurs as 'Cats' fans celebrate

Grzybowska sends Martinez packing

Lady Vols think it's dynasty time

Homers highlight opening day

TPC confidence booster for Masters participants

What's happening in baseball

Expansion adds to opening day

Nets beat Hawks by 15

Finale lacked big names

Hoops notebook: Utes coach knows a winning formula

Overtime: Capriati defeated in Family Cup

Silver Bluff can't beat itself

Golf notes: News from the world of golf

World title goal for Atlanta again

Overtime: Flamboyant Tim Flock dead at 73

Butkus-like Brooking likes Bears

New Orleans last chance for Masters

GreenJackets' roster shows great promise

Julia Flisch

The people's pharmacy: Certo can help ease arthritic pain

Springer may be right, but that's really no excuse

Dive instructor leads students to underwater world

Antarctic travel in armchair comfort -- a continent in a day

Antarctic travel in armchair comfort -- a continent in a day

With Oscar in hand, Cameron goes after film critic

Moviemakers plan filming on Hunley project

Senior calendar

Taking risks

Age-old question: Cravings can be signs of bigger needs

Small portions: News and notes from the world of food

Now's the time for talk radio

Can this marriage be saved: Celebrate connection of second marriage

Break-dancing makes a comeback

Opinion: Teens would be wise to stay out of bed

Blinded by the sun

Band ready for fame

Xtreme screen: 'Lost in Space'

Xtreme style

Youngster casts doubt on 'therapeutic touch'

Mir crew begins hectic April schedule

Counterfeiting as easy as pointing and clicking

No Internet response for Census 2000

Study exonerates Redux as cause of heart damage

Apple wants leader to stay

J.J. the whale goes home

Need a bypass?

Netscape offers 'secret recipe' to public

Another Web product: Here comes WebPhone

Science panel wants more soot research

Legislator requests review of accelerator

Internet message was outright falsehood

Post office unveils first electronic stamps

Gore announces improvements to civilian GPS system

AT&T eliminates unlimited Internet access