Originally created 03/13/98

Blasts police in shooting incident 031398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Re the Feb. 21 killing of Alfaigo Terrell Davis (Feb. 22 news article by Alisa DeMao and Willie Mae Worthy):

Once again police officers have succeeded in killing a young black man. Of course, this type of news only warrants page 3C of The Chronicle. But you were more than happy a few days later to place a large, boldfaced headline that read, "Slain man had record" on the front page. I suppose this is meant to show that you support the police wholeheartedly. I also believe that it is meant to show that since Mr. Davis had previous run-ins with the laws, he deserved to be executed.

As is standard procedure, nothing will be done to the officers. Nicholas Capobianco and Gary Clark Jr. will lie and say they were scared for their lives. Mr. Davis was shot dead like a dog in the street, except a dog would receive more humane treatment. Dogs are a valued part of this culture. ...

Teresa Turner



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