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Gives lesson on Clinton's early years 031398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Bradley Link's letter (March 4) suggested Bill Clinton attempted to avoid the draft because he didn't want to participate in an unpopular war. Perhaps a history lesson on Mr. Clinton's early years is needed to clarify any delusions that Mr. Link may have concerning Slick Willie.

To begin with, Mr. Clinton did receive his draft notice in May 1969 but managed to get accepted into the ROTC program at the University of Arkansas with the help of Sen. William Fulbright, D-Ark.

At the time, Mr. Clinton was not a student at the University of Arkansas but lied about this on the application form. By applying to join an ROTC program, Mr. Clinton managed to get his draft notice suspended. After the suspension of his draft notice he failed to meet his obligation as required by the ROTC and eventually fled the country to avoid the draft.

To justify this cowardly act, he wrote to the commanding officer of the ROTC unit at the University of Arkansas stating that, while he loved his country, he loathed the military. He also thanked the commander for helping him in avoiding the draft. While abroad, Mr. Clinton participated in an anti-American demonstration in the Soviet Union and met with high ranking communist officials. After leaving the Soviet Union, Mr. Clinton went to London, England where he organized two massive anti-war demonstrations. ...

I know this for a fact because I was stationed in London shortly after this occurred. By participating in and organizing these demonstrations Bill Clinton gave solace and hope to the enemy at a time when brave Americans were fighting and dying in Vietnam. ...

Mr. Link also writes about a deafening silence heard throughout the land. Well, the only deafening silence I hear comes from the names chiseled on the Vietnam War Memorial. Many of those names are there because Bill Clinton and a few others like him gave comfort to the enemy and prolonged the war. ...

As far as Rambo Wannabes are concerned, you need look no farther than your president, Mr. Link. He's the one threatening to bomb Iraq back into the stone age while the rest of the world is calling for diplomacy. ...

Carl R. Morrison USN



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