Originally created 03/12/98

Wants referendumon video poker 031298 - The Augusta Chronicle

I am appalled at the hypocrisy of Sen. Greg Ryberg, R-Aiken. He speaks about the evils of video poker machines and the apparent adversities they cause. He and his associates even cite examples of deaths caused by neglectful parents while playing video poker. Sen. Ryberg conveniently ignores the hundreds of our young people who are killed on our highways every year due to the beer and wine "to go" that he sells them. Not to mention the cigarettes that poison our kids. I know he claims everyone is "of age" to purchase, but get real, where are these kids getting their drugs and alcohol? There are greater, more important issues to worry about than video poker.

The senator and his colleagues are quoted as saying that the citizens can not be trusted to vote on a referendum on video poker or a state lottery because of the big money that would be spent by the proponents to influence them. I thought that "Operation Lost Trust" was about dishonest and fraudulent politicians, not citizens who cannot be trusted.

Come on guys, let's use the same measuring stick for everyone. Cut the hypocrisy. Let the citizens decide what they want.

Ken McDonald


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