Originally created 03/03/98

Blasts `sacrificial' defense of Clinton 030398 - The Augusta Chronicle

This is written in response to the Feb. 19 diatribe of E. Maner. If there is any demeaning or insulting or embarrassing of our president it is of his own doing, and no Republican bogeyman is responsible for his disgrace. He reminds me of the criminal who killed his parents and then asked for mercy from the court because he was an orphan. Mr. Clinton rejects the truth as bologna rejects the meat-grinder.

I also take Mrs. Maner's definition of a buffoon to be anyone who opposes the Clinton socialist agenda. In such case, thank God for the buffoons. ...

I recall our Republican Congress fighting day and night to ensure that the middle class of this great nation retains some control, however little, over their finances and lives.

Finally, Mrs. Maner offers herself as a sacrificial lamb for Mr. Clinton's transgressions, but in reality she more resembles a bleeding goat seeking the udders of the Clintons.

K.G. Watson, Martinez

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