Originally created 03/03/98

Laments loss of Citadel `Guards' 030398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Over the past several years many changes have taken place at The Citadel, but none more disheartening than the recent "temporary disbandment" of the Summerall Guards.

With the plebe system being shortened, the sophomores being limited in their participation in the fourth-class system, juniors "job shadowing" and finally seniors get to practice leadership -- it is no wonder that enrollment is down at the school.

It seems the once unique institution has become nothing more than an expensive ROTC program and is destined to go the way of other outstanding programs like Clemson, North Georgia, Texas A&M, and Norwich.

Traditions are hard to come by but easy to eliminate. Even though some changes were necessary in order to "meet the needs of society," it appears that it may be time to retire the colors.

Ron Pieper, Augusta

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