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In 1991 when the hard-core Left was trying to sabotage Senate confirmation of Clarence Thomas to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court, radical feminists stood four-square behind Anita Hill's bizarre, decade-old accusations that her one-time mentor "sexually harassed" her.

Said soon-to-be First Feminist Hillary Clinton: "I support Anita Hill. Personal morality in the work place is essential."

Given how she's standing by her man in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Mrs. Clinton has apparently changed her mind. Perhaps that's understandable. She is, after all, married to the man.

But what's the excuse for the other radical feminists who don't have a close personal relationship to the president? Are they also changing their minds? Or are they just hypocrites?

Human Events recently contrasted comments that several renowned feminist extremists made about Thomas-Hill with what they've been saying (or not saying) about Clinton-Lewinsky. A sampling...

Former Rep. Patricia Schroder, D-Colo., on the then-Democrat controlled Senate's "appalling" treatment of Anita Hill: "I'd turn in my party membership if I could find a decent party to belong to."

On Monica Lewinsky: "Wasn't she an adult? Wasn't she of age?"

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.:

On Anita Hill: "Where are the voices? Where's the spine? Where's the anger?"

On Monica Lewinsky: "...There is a process to deal with these allegations, and we have to let that process work."

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif.:

On Anita Hill: "I happen to believe Anita Hill...I do not believe that Clarence Thomas' beliefs or the way that he has postured himself is (sic) good for the nation."

On Monica Lewinsky: No comment.

Gloria Steinem, feminist author:

On Anita Hill: The next female president should appoint Anita Hill to the Supreme Court."

On Monica Lewinsky: No comment.

Isn't Waters' and Steinem's silence deafening? If a chief executive officer can be fired for hitting on his young office help or an Army drill sergeant dishonorably discharged and imprisoned for having "consensual sex" with a female recruit, then how can these so-called protectors of women's rights give a wink and a nod to what increasingly appears to be gross improper conduct by the president of the United States? And in the oval office, no less!

Feminists' credibility is taking a worse beating than the president's.


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