Originally created 03/02/98

Criticizes PGA stand in Martin case 030298 - The Augusta Chronicle

As an avid fan of the game of golf, I am ashamed of some prominent members of the Professional Golf Association tour and their lack of compassion for Casey Martin. The PGA says allowing Mr. Martin to ride a cart will change the tradition of the game forever. This is the same philosophy they used in the 1950s to keep African Americans off the tour.

Golf is finally becoming diverse. The last time I checked, Tiger Woods was the No. 1 ranked player in the world. Diversity is not just about color, it's also about allowing a young man, who suffers every minute of the day, to pursue his dream.

The majority of these PGA members who are whining about Mr. Martin have not been through half the adversity that he has gone through his entire life.

As far as the man having an unfair advantage, I disagree. During his swing, Mr. Martin turns against a right leg that is two sizes too small. I am sure he would gladly trade in his cart for a healthy right leg.

According to doctors, Casey's days of playing golf are numbered. Let's join Tom Lehman and welcome Casey to the tour, while there is still time.

David Sigg,Augusta


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