Originally created 02/23/98

Site dedicated to women in sports

Just Sports for Women, a sassy but well-organized Web site that's devoted exclusively to women in sports, will help turn Olympics-addicted couch potatoes into better informed and motivated athletes.

For starters, triathlete Sally Edwards shows how to prepare for one of those grueling races in the "Personal Best" page. Edwards was part of a team that raced across America in honor of the late Judy Flannery, a world champion triathlete from Chevy Chase, Md., who was killed in a training accident last year.

For those seeking a kinder, gentler approach to working out, the "Ask Our Experts" area is quite a resource. A team of sports psychologists, a nutritionist and an Olympian are among those ready to help you.

If you want to make pals, or share stories with other athletic divas, various chat rooms like "The Locker Room" and "Game Time" are ideal. It's good to see a sports site on the Web devoted to more than just sports scores or Dennis Rodman's latest hair color.

-- Mary M. Remuzzi can be reached at mmr(at)washpost.com

-- GETTING THERE: Jog over to "Just Sports for Women" at http://www.justwomen.com.

I had a job recently developing an intranet site for a big computer company. Staff members wanted a page of links to related materials. So I mocked up a prototype of the page. I used some dummy URLs. I used "http://.com. Ooops. I got a frantic phone call from the company asking if I knew that I had included links to pornographic sites on their page.

By the way, I did a who-is search and discovered that every x combination from three x's dot com to 23 x's dot com are now registered domain names.

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