Originally created 02/23/98

Comments on Tucker case, other issues 022398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Concerning the Karla Faye Tucker execution: I agree with Bill Graham that the tragedy was in permitting this case to drag on for 14 years. However, the subject of proper penalties for such crimes cannot be settled until we see the difference between sins, which the Lord forgives, and the resultant wrong deeds and their often tragic consequences which remain. I Samuel 12:12-23 and Psalm 51:1-4 show that while the Lord forgave David's sin, the deed was a different subject altogether. No, God's word does not consider the death verdict as murder, and neither should we.

Concerning Bill Clinton: There's too much "smoke" for there to be no "fire." But have no fear; when things get too hot, he will defame and/or fire Kenneth Starr. Yes, like in so many other cases where someone else went to jail, I expect him to come out of this one "lily white." God will take him out when He is finished. ...

Concerning Vice President Al Gore: As tragic as "El Nino" has been, burning so-called "fossil fuel" has nothing to do with the weather. That's completely in God's department. While I cannot explain why God does what he does, I know He controls it. (Job 38:16-38).

Rev. J.F. Rodgers,Augusta


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