Originally created 02/23/98

Cites educator for Georgia to emulate 022398 - The Augusta Chronicle

According to the Council for School Performance, the third portion of an annual report card on Georgia schools shows more students met the national median on the Scholastic Assessment Test and more earned HOPE scholarships. But more students also needed remedial classes upon entering college.

This would indicate to me that we are concentrating on passing tests, not on educating our students. I say "we" because all of us are, or should be concerned about the quality of education our children and grandchildren are getting. ...

As a non-educator I'd like to point out the obvious: Education in our public schools should begin in the elementary grades. No child should be promoted to high school until he or she has mastered the basics, and no high school student graduated unless thoroughly qualified to enter college without having to take remedial courses.

Principals should read Walter Williams' Feb. 8 column in which he cited an example of a very successful principal who turned a 93 percent black and 6 percent American-Mexican elementary school's very poor achievement into a model for others to follow. ...

This principal's success was the result of a solid curriculum, rigorous teacher training, strict discipline, high expectations of teachers and students, and a fervent belief that any child can learn. He exploded the myth that if you're born poor in a poor community and your skin is a certain color that you can't achieve on a higher level. ...

Edward J. Guisto,Augusta


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