Originally created 02/23/98

Wants commander in chief discharged 022398 - The Augusta Chronicle

It appears that the U.S. military has two distinct codes of honor and discipline. One is for professional military personnel regarding honesty, decency and honor. The other is for political appointees where "anything goes!"

In respect to the professionals, the military regards criminal malfeasance as dishonoring the Code of Conduct. As examples of this, many drill instructors have been prosecuted and dishonorably discharged for an affair with civilians. Further, the top sergeant major in the Army is now on trial, and could serve as much as 50 years in jail if convicted, for having consensual affairs with female subordinates.

On the other hand, the commander-in-chief, even though admitting to adulterous affairs, found lying to the American people, stonewalling and covering up, gets a "free ride" with no penalties!

It is especially appalling to me (who served overseas with the U.S. Army in World War II) that this draft dodger has the power, desire and determination to send young men and women into a disastrous war with Iraq mainly to distract from the current allegations of his despicable, scandalous sexual behavior and conduct.

He should either be forcibly required to resign or be dishonorably discharged from his duties as commander-in-chief of the U.S.!

Al Kotras,Martinez


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