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Ten reasons why it's great to be back

IfRon Spry can come back to his old job, as he did several years ago at Paine College, then others can, too.

I, Michael Carvell, am returning to the sports department of The Augusta Chronicle after nearly a three-year hiatus.

Where have I been? A little bit of everywhere.

After leaving the paper post-Masters 1995, my first stop was working in public relations for a resort in Kauai, Hawaii (TOO MUCH FUN).

Then there was a brief stint in law school (TOO BORING).

For the last 15 months, I was the sports anchor at the CBS affiliate in Northeast Georgia (TOO CRAZY).

After all of my travels, I have returned to Augusta, where the home cooking is superior and the job ain't that bad, either.

It wasn't that hard of a decision, after sitting down and thinking about it for a while. I just took out a pen and piece of paper and jotted down the pluses and minuses. Today, I will publicly release some of that classified information:

The Top 10 Reasons to Return to the Sports Department of The Augusta Chronicle (from the home office in North, S.C.):

10. Ice hockey is coming to town (I've never really paid attention to it on TV -- puck moves too fast -- but it sure is fun on my Playstation).

9. AB on the Radio (It's great to see sports-talk radio finally exist in this market. And while we're on the subject of Ashley Brown, he did -- for the record -- say that Ricky Moore was a better player than Vonteego Cummings, to my disagreement).

8. The Masters (Where else can you rent out your house for just a week for a sky-high fee that will cover your mortgage payments for half of the year? Now, if I only owned a house.)

7. Working in the hometown area of James Brown (Not the Fox anchor, but the Godfather of Soul. My travels across the country taught me that the Garden City is just about as well-known for JB as the golf tournament every April.)

6. Being away for so long, that those cult-like I Pounded Poz t-shirts that you always see around town are starting to fade out (By the way, Joe Posnanski's nose was never really that big).

5. Unbelievable recreational facilities such as Patriots Park and North Augusta's Riverview Park, along with bike trails at Augusta Canal and The Greenway.

4. Noon basketball games at Health Central (Where else can you take out your frustrations and exchange elbows with TV guys such as WJBF GM Louis Wall?)

3. Lunch buffets at Bobby's Barbecue (without ribs) and Shangri La (yummy Sesame chicken).

2. Meeting such wonderful and unforgettable people every day in the working environment, such as Mary Hearst (Garrison's mother), the late Tom Temple (inaugural Burke County football coach), Arthur Marshall (the former NFLer gives back to the community like few others -- anywhere), Al Lown (Silver Bluff football coach) and far too many others to mention on this page.

1. Observing Lincoln County football (The Red Devils are the Notre Dame of the CSRA. Washington County no doubt has the best program right now. But to catch up with Lincoln and Larry the Legend, the House of Pain needs to keep it up for another decade or so.)

It's truly great to be back. This space each week will donated to the documentation and inside scoop on the Augusta sports scene and its wide array of characters.

For here on out, please feel free to call me at 724-0851 or e-mail me with questions, comments and opinions at this address:



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