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Jane Fonda running DHR? 022298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Dr. Kathleen Toomey, director of DHR's Public Health Division, stands accused of being a Jane Fonda clone with her own radical "abstinence plus contraception" agenda for Georgia.`Abstinence-only' sabotagedJane Fonda running DHR?

Last year Congress approved money to the 50 states for "abstinence-until-marriage" sex/health education, which totals about $1.45 million for Georgia.

But why does the Georgia Department of Human Resources, headed by Commissioner Tommy Olmstead, seem to be working against this family-values policy at almost every turn?

We ask this question because the new director of DHR's Public Health Division, Dr. Kathleen Toomey, stands accused of being a Jane Fonda clone with her own radical "abstinence plus contraception" agenda for Georgia. That charge comes from Susan Cable, a respected Bibb County (Macon) Board of Education member who joins the Christian Coalition and others in raising concerns about Toomey's Svengali-like role.

Listen to what Toomey advises in a stark Oct. 11 memo on the subject of "Christian Coalition and Jane Fonda":

"... The religious right has clearly focused on her. I suggested to Michele Ozumba (a Fonda ally who is director of Teen Plus, under DHR aegis) that we continue to work very closely with the Jane Fonda group `behind the scenes' but not necessarily making a visible presence at rallies, etc."

Toomey -- get this -- also opposes Georgia's statutory rape law. This is a slap at Georgia's elected representatives, who raised the age of sexual intercourse consent to 16 and authorized minors to consent to sexually-transmitted disease testing and treatment. (Toomey's quotes on this subject are found in the Jan./Feb. 1997 issue of Family Planning Perspectives.)

Longtime activist Fonda is only interested in population control, not morality or family values. No wonder Toomey wants to deceptively work "behind the scenes" with Hanoi Jane.

Interestingly, Bibb County Trustee Cable was asked by DHR to help write criteria for the abstinence matching grant. She attended a model abstinence program workshop which, to her chagrin, included "a mixed message program called Postponing Sexual Involvement."

Cable adds: "Another program highlighted was from a group called `Advocates for Youth.' This group is one supported financially by Jane Fonda and Dr. Jocelyn Elders (President Clinton's ex-surgeon general)."

Fonda, of course, is currently pushing her condom distribution program funded by Durex, the world's largest condom distributor. We've also discovered that her ally Toomey serves on the board of the Alan Guttmacher Institute, a tireless promoter of sexual permissiveness and abortion-on-demand.

Cable asks fellow Georgians for help "in exposing the fact that Fonda believes she should be the moral authority for our children, and that Dr. Toomey is Fonda's best friend."

What does Commissioner Olmstead have to say about these startling revelations?

We also wonder what the U.S. Congress would have to say about Toomey's attempt to sabotage its abstinence-only program for Georgia?


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