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Defends judge's `high character' 022298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Re the Feb. 6 editorial "Why re-elect Nuessle?":

As Judge Pete Nuessle's pastor, I was amazed by some of the accusations mentioned. I am no politician; neither do I claim to know all the dynamics in the custody case before the bench. But I know Mr. Nuessle and I have worked with him at our church for seven years.

He has been an excellent leader here, as senior warden of our Vestry Board -- the ruling body of lay people in an Episcopal congregation. I have found him very responsible, hard-working, seeking the welfare of the people who entrusted him with the position of Vestry member and as chairman of our church's board when he served in that capacity a few years ago.

He has always served in our church without motivation of personal gain neither has he tried to take jurisdiction in matters to which he was not committed in our church. ...

I believe Pete Nuessle to be a man of high character. The kind of man you present in the article is a different Pete Nuessle, and if one is not too careful, perhaps more of a fictitious Pete Nuessle. He certainly cannot be the Pete Nuessle I know.

Two decades ago I served with Child Protective Services with the Department of Social Services of the state of South Carolina. I had the opportunity of going to Family Court a number of times on behalf of my victimized clients who had suffered various kinds of child abuse. As a part-time pastor then and as a Christian, I really felt for these children.

Also, the issue of custody was brought up in court. I really came to admire the judges in our South Carolina Family Courts. Their job is not an easy one. I believe they always try to do their job in truth and justice. Their position is not always appreciated. Inevitably the losing party is always the party that holds a grudge. The spiritual blindness of the party that loses has always been something to observe with amazement. Yet it is the actions of the parents that bring them to the point of having to appear in court.

I admire people like Mr. Nuessle who try to do their duty according to the law, and do the right thing in defense of children.

Rev. Douglas A. Puckett



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