Originally created 02/22/98

Assails editorial as `homophobic' 022298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Re your Jan. 14 editorial, "A blow for decency":

I was both astonished and saddened to read such a blatantly homophobic rant. First off, the writer states that because "rights" groups are crying "foul" at the Shahar decision, this somehow provides "convincing evidence" that the Supreme Court did the right thing. When "rights" groups cried foul when it was illegal for women to vote, was this also convincing evidence that the "right thing" was being done? When "rights" groups called "foul" when African Americans were not allowed to sit in the front of the bus, was this also a convincing argument that this was just? Gross injustices merit cries of "foul."

It is appalling that the writer condones married men having adulterous affairs for over a decade but condemns Robin Shahar for being in a loving, monagamous relationship with another woman. A society that favors the former over the latter had better get its priorities in order.

A person should be hired and fired based on their job performance and nothing else. One's sexual preferences have absolutely no bearing on how they can do their occupation. The Human Rights Campaign's latest bipartisan polls show 80 percent of the public believes gay people should have equal rights in terms of job opportunities.

With that in mind, I strongly urge your readers to urge Congress to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Everybody deserves to have equal opportunities. Everybody.

Drew Feinberg, North Augusta


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