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Supports Columbia woman and dog 022298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Re your story about Miriam Hoffman and her dog Emanuel in the Feb. 11 Columbia County "Neighbors":

Your article reads as if all of her neighbors in Cottonwood have a problem with Ms. Hoffman and her dog. Your readers should be aware that this is not the case. Ms. Hoffman is a very nice lady who troubles few, if anyone.

Your article did not disclose that Ms. Hoffman obtained signatures of many neighbors who did not have a problem with her dog(s) so that she could present it to the court on one of the occasions referenced.

Another time that she went to court she had witnesses who lived nearby to testify on her behalf. Your article refers to comments made by the woman at Animal Control who spoke with your reporter, though it does not (or it was not reported if she did tell the reporter) iterate that the complaints were received from one neighbor in particular. Yet the representative for Animal Control did say this in open court back in September.

These days, with all of the turmoil the world is in, I think it is a shame anyone has so much time to spend complaining about one dog that has not attacked other innocent people. There are hospitals and nursing homes in need of volunteers for those lonely and lifeless people who are bored and have too much time on their hands. There are child molesters and habitual violators and bank robbers and drug dealers out of jail on bond with trial dates so far in the future that many of them continue to pillage and violate -- because of a court system backed up with petty complaints. There are many schools that have mentor programs that need help, and there are schools that just need volunteers.

I certainly hope that birds singing and crickets chirping and squirrels chattering and children playing don't become subject to county ordinances and whining neighbors; if so, the exterminators and birth control suppliers may have to begin calling on the zoning departments and the court systems instead of home and business owners and doctors offices and health departments. ...

R.A. Hughes, Appling


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