Originally created 02/22/98

Expresses pride in Clinton defenders 022298 - The Augusta Chronicle

I am so proud of the majority of the American people who have risen to defend and support President Clinton. I am not disappointed in our president but in this certain, self-righteous, vindictive faction of our society that continuously seeks to destroy him. They constantly talk about morality, but the impurity is in their own hearts. The hatred they feel for Bill Clinton is much more immoral than any weakness he might have.

In the Bible, God took everything from Job, who couldn't understand why until his eyes were finally opened. He was righteous "in his own eyes." After he saw that, God restored everything, plus much more, back to him.

If you knew your life would be over tomorrow, would you be worried about Mr. Clinton's sex life? No, you would be on your face before God asking for mercy.

Not agreeing with or not voting for President Clinton is anyone's right, but when political or "religious" forces seek to destroy him, they will trouble their own household. God sees the heart of Mr. Clinton, so no man will ever be able to bring him down.

Elaine Van der Linden, Belvedere

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