Originally created 02/22/98

Feels betrayed by Republican Party 022298 - The Augusta Chronicle

I strongly disagree with the Clinton administration's plan to bomb Iraq. I believe this dastardly plan is simply a red herring dragged across the trail of the new media to stop their hounding of President Clinton for his sexual peccadillos.

I don't give a "tinker's damn" about Bill Clinton's sex life, but I hate to see our troops placed in harm's way for such a reason. I also hate to think of the helpless Iraqi civilians who will be maimed or killed during these bombing raids.

We are alone. Our previous allies of Desert Storm refuse to join us in this stupid plan. Our namby-pamby Republican Congress does not have the guts to stand up and defy Mr. Clinton. As a life-long Republican I feel betrayed.

I would switch to the Democratic Party but I can't stomach their leader. ...

James Cline, North Augusta


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