Originally created 02/14/98

Touring the information superhighway

Perturbations, pleasures and predicaments on the information superhighway:

Whatever happened to your high school sweetheart? Or the person voted most likely to succeed? The clever folks at ClassMates Online allow you to search through a database of more than 23,000 high schools covering all 50 states, Canada, and a few hundred schools overseas. Click on your high school's state, then the high school's name, then your graduating year, and you may get lucky. Not everyone from these schools is listed -- only those who have visited the site and have registered their e-mail addresses. That said, you'll be amazed at how many old friends turn up.

My prom date now lives with her partner, a spittin' image of me as a woman; our math whiz committed suicide; and when last seen, our Most Likely was a GS-14 bureaucrat.

Edward Mickolus.

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