Originally created 02/14/98

Says Bill, Hillary in 'throes of illness' 021498 - The Augusta Chronicle

As children, many of us grew up in families where the worst thing one could do was tell a lie. The offense may have been bad, we were told, but lying about it was even worse. Indeed, all of the world's religious traditions hold the truth and faithfulness to marriage vows as sacred.

Our national family is presently in the throes of an illness which threatens the very fabric of American life. Even to his partisans it should be obvious that the president suffers from a sexual disorder in which his wife is a co-dependent.

Whereas Bill Clinton's sickness is to be pitied, his lies about it are intolerable. Like an abusive spouse whose charms during an occasional sobriety keep the children from getting him treatment, Mr. Clinton continues in office in large part because his wife, too, suffers from addictions, especially to power.

The time grows closer, however, when our long national nightmare will be over and a new president can model those moral values which, until recently, were part of our national fabric. Until then, we can only view, with pity, the Clintons and all those who continue to ignore the facts about this talented but terribly sick couple.

Keith Shafer, Augusta


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