Originally created 02/14/98

Observes N. Augusta's efficient example 021498 - The Augusta Chronicle

OK, enough is enough! Is the company doing the construction at Augusta's 13th and Broad (as well as the city office overseeing them) just inefficient, incompetent or both?

The other morning the traffic on the 13th Street bridge was backed up all the way into downtown North Augusta, the worst I've ever seen it. Even though we've pretty much gotten used to it, this continuing disruption of the traffic flow into Augusta is starting to wear a little thin.

The people responsible should take a lesson from the North Augusta Public Works. They recently put in a whole new storm drain along half a mile or so of Five Notch Road with an absolute minimum of traffic disruption. Not only did they accomplish the project in a short amount of time, they obviously had the welfare of drivers in mind as they did so.

Unfortunately, this can not be said of the crew at 13th and Broad.

Art Cabot, North Augusta

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