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Hits violence outside, inside clinics 021398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Once again we have seen deadly violence at an abortion clinic, this time in Birmingham, Ala. Cases like these illustrate the difference between those who are pro-life and those who are purely "anti-abortion."

A truly pro-life individual would never consider or condone a "death tactic" as a means to achieving an end to abortion. Only a person on the fanatic edge would consider such a cowardly deed.

In our desire to end legal abortion in this country, most pro-lifers desire to use congressional lobbying, honest persuasion, peaceful protest and prayer to achieve their goal. We recognize the deadly consequences of the violence done to the unborn in abortion clinics. Since it is legal, the very real deadly violence in abortion clinics goes unreported. Many equate legality with legitimacy. There should be, however, the same moral outrage at what goes on in abortion clinics as there is when a fanatic explodes a bomb injuring and killing victims at a clinic.

Once again, those of us who are truly pro-life join with those who are pro-choice in condemning the deadly violence used at abortion clinics. We still await, however, those who are pro-choice to join pro-lifers in condemning the deadly violence that occurs daily within abortion clinics. Unfortunately, violence begets violence.

Abortionists need to wake up and recognize this fact. Only when they end their legal violence will we see an end to fanatical "anti-abortionists"' illegal violence at abortion clinics.

Rev. Allan J. McDonald, Augusta

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