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Supports actions of Judge Nuessle 021398 - The Augusta Chronicle

I certainly don't want to get involved in South Carolina politics, but I write in defense of Aiken Family Court Judge Pete Nuessle's action concerning the Lops children.

It was a Georgia court that first determined the case should be heard in South Carolina. It was in Judge Nuessle's court that the well-being of the children was addressed. As I understand it, he did not make a decision as to who would get custody, but rather addressed the need of the children to carry their lives with the same amount of normality they had been accustomed to for the last two and one half years while the case was decided.

I was a witness for Claire and Carmen Lops in federal court here in Georgia. From the experience, and what I have read of the court proceedings, the well-being of the children did not seem to be the first and primary concern of those involved in the proceedings here.

... If you and the politicians of South Carolina have an issue with Judge Nuessle, and the family court system there, that is your privilege. But to use the Lops case to editorialize about your concerns for the family court system and Judge Nuessle is in poor taste.

Rev. Howard Bledsoe, Martinez


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