Originally created 02/13/98

Love-song compilation pushes pure romance

My mother would love this CD.

You know those easy-listening, love-song compilations you see on television? Where the couple is sitting in front of the fire and then suddenly they're coming out of a cave onto a sunset beach? The ocean's orange, their fingers are laced and you can see their footprints in the sand.

They gaze into each other's eyes, they lock, they kiss.

This is the music they're listening to.

The CD opens with Harry Connick's Jr.'s satin-sheet To See You. It doesn't heat you up. It would probably better as the last song because the rippling harp made me really sleepy. Nice song, but it brought yawn city.

Nancy Wilson's Sweet Love has a little more be-bop -- I could see people playing shuffle board to it on the Love Boat's observation deck.

Shawn Colvin (Sunny Came Home) sings You and the Mona Lisa -- the least nauseating song on the album's first half. "Nothing in particular and everything in between, this is what you mean to me. Only you and only me ... on the way to everything," she sings.

Then we jump back to Tony Bennett jazzily singing "Me, myself and I are in love with you. We all think you're wonderful, we do. Me, myself and I just have one point of view, we're convinced there's no one else but you." Me, Myself and I is fun, it's happy, it's what a love song should be.

James Taylor's Jump Up Behind Me has some super-cool shaky maracas. "It felt like a festival. It felt like Christmas morning. I felt the darkness fall away even as the world was turning," he sings. A lot of lines, such as "we'll catch the tide and set it free," don't make too much sense, but who cares. It tastes of strawberry daiquiris and a salty breeze breaking through the trees.

I would have rather had Johnny Mathis' cliched Chances Are than Let Your Heart Remember. But at least we get to end with Mary Chapin Carpenter's What If We Went to Italy -- which is totally a stare-at-your-lover, romantic song.

Happy Valentine's.

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