County has big-league investments

Anti-obesity drug hitting market

Former Hardee's franchises to be taken over by Popeyes

FTC reminds auto dealers of limits on credit reports

Spending increase shrinks

Ownership changes at Cotton Row Cafe

Home values in South, Midwest see huge one-year jump

Crisis has worldwide impact

Area Realtors group presents two with award

Coca-Cola widens lead over Pepsi-Cola

Perfect jobs

Judge delays Bell entry into long distance

Legislators support building mayor's authority

New ETV president eager to take charge

Legislators fight video-gambling ban with filibuster

Postcard home

Expert criticizes schools

Top judge pleads for pay raises

Lull in the action

Suspended jail leader denies jail corruption

Outdoor artists

Search reveals nothing

Post getting new brigade

Local and area briefs

Troops prepare to leave

Methodists considering adjustments

Military begins deployment of Georgia troops to Persian Gulf

Tickets get refunded, dismissed

Law biting teeth makers

Report card gives good, bad marks

Senate OKs pet-projects bill

New firefighters

Local and area briefs

Web posted

Georgia Lottery drawings held

Jail flooded in disturbance

Senator opposes fingerprint requirement

Lampkin receives 4 life sentences plus 26 years

Stepping out

Admiring art

Georgia Lottery drawings held

Ex-trooper sues four, claims they spread lies

Freshman school vote tonight

School getting funds to improve reading

Watching the flow

Personal columns, circa 1787

Police capture man after chase

Watch out for luck today

Notebook from Nagano

Notebook from Nagano

Call them champions

Americans strike double gold

Olympic notebook: Crashes mark men's downhill

American luge racers end drought

Hockey star having a ball

Medal restored to snowboarder

Massey the target 021298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits violence outside, inside clinics 021398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Comments on roads, old divisions 021298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Ponders execution, abortion issues 021298 - The Augusta Chronicle

No to new BRAC 021298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Berates DOE for bankrupting nation 021298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says let old golf house be destroyed 021298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts Williamson as magistrate 021298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Responds to pro-Clinton letter writer 021298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says Army rule applies to president 021398 - The Augusta Chronicle

MCG-Ga. Tech effort 021298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Oust landfill chief 021398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Reflects on horror of abortion 021298 - The Augusta Chronicle

S.C. House bill 021398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says many just react 'emotionally' 021298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Worries about the lack of morality 021398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Supports actions of Judge Nuessle 021398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Rebuts pro-Clinton writer's view 021398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Weather delays start of South African PGA

Jordan key in win over Hornets

ARC coach experiencing wide range of emotions

Shattered board delays Paine-Ft. Valley State

Wildcats get win over Paine

Augusta's reaction mixed on Martin

Marlin, Earnhardt win Twins

Disabled golfer wins right to ride cart

Earnhardt still threat despite drought in 500

Braves start camp at new home today

Tigers knock out Western

Halard-Decugis stumbles in comeback at Paris

Overtime: A sports wrap-up

Time to pay drivers what they're worth

Peggy Fleming undergoes surgery for breast cancer

The road is cleared for Martin to ride

Gailey becomes fourth Cowboys coach

Late crash proves costly to Roush racer Benson

De La Hoya wants to be seen at best

NASCAR success story always a family affair

Padgett paces Kentucky victory

Area coaches, players in All-Star Basketball Classic

Brunson leads ASU by UNC Pembroke

Young signs new contract with Niners

Marino part of Super Bowl of NASCAR

Gamecocks get victory over Tide

Wallace still out with torn ligament

Jackets defeat Deacons

Overtime: A sports wrap-up

Battle of brands taking off

Arts calendar

The Madonna of '60s folk music is back and feeling forever young

Love-song compilation pushes pure romance

Restaurants, clubs serve up romance

Check wedding attire to avoid upstaging

Arts council brings Oscars to Augusta

Spark of romantic getaway can put passion back in your relationship

Concert watch

Ramblin' Rhodes: T.G. Sheppard to be best man

Old jazz inspired guitarist Singer

'The Borrowers' return laughs

Geechee Boy Seafood offers variety of cuisine

Two cats run away from their homes to find true love together

Augusta guitar sale to bring 25 to 30 exhibitors to the area

Gardeners facing big decisions

Club calendar

Garden calendar

Video watch

Real life reflected in Barton Village

Weekly bestsellers

`Diagnosis Murder' has been killing the competition

Flight may have begun before Wrights

Health calendar

Exhibit shows artful side of microbe world

Cyberspace shrine created by fan of opera star Norman

Love and innocence endure -- in the second grade

Do words fail you?

College in the Ozarks: The price of admission is backbreaking labor

Federal prosecutors win cyberspace conviction

Government to change technology

Senate approves Millenium bug bill

Bill seeks to clean up Net access in schools

Judge delays immediate long-distance entry for regional Bells

Historian worries about too much information

IBM wants smaller gizmos

ClassMates helps alumni reunite

Anti-cloning bill put on indefinite hold

White House has first cybercast

Opponents protest MEAG's telecommunications plan

Toy plus candy equals success

Senators probe satelitte TV fees

Study questions use of filters to stop dangerous clots

Computer Associates offers $9 billion for Computer Sciences