Originally created 02/08/98

Wants South to fight battles to win 020898 - The Augusta Chronicle

There is a particular aspect of the South's character which may be good in some instances, but it has often proved to be her downfall in battle:

It is in the nature of the South to fight mostly from a defensive stance. When a blow is landed against the South, she will battle back with determination unequaled. Rarely does she wish to continue the fight until her foe is shamefully conquered.

Sometimes the fight must be taken to the opposition and the foe soundly defeated on its on ground. Our own enjoyment and understanding of the sport of football should suggest to us that the necessity of a team's ability to move forward with a good offense. ...

History also has proven Dixie to be the ever-present guardian over the Constitution, states rights, and America's Judeo-Christian heritage but too often we have lost ground. Perhaps it's time we take the ball from our whining opposition and score some points of our own.

Confederate Heritage Month is coming up in April. In looking forward to that, let's prepare to score a few touchdowns from those whose attacks against our heritage are driven by nothing save their own jealousies, grudges, prejudices, and society-running goals. May each heritage speak for itself, and may history continue to appraise each heritage as only history is able to do.

P.K. Fitzgerald, Harlem

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