Originally created 02/08/98

Charges article fans 'coals' of racism 020898 - The Augusta Chronicle

I enjoy The Chronicle very much and have respect for its format and the people who work there. However, when I read the headline "Commissioner's decision leaves questions," I was taken aback. I thought that we were trying to unite our community, not split it; but that is exactly what staff writer Sylvia Cooper is trying to do under the guise of news.

"Can Edward McIntyre unite the black community to defeat. Larry Sconyers Sconyers?" This sounds reminiscent of the racial wars in the '60s and '70s. What are you trying to prove? Why must that be an issue if we are truly trying to unite our community and eliminate blackwhite differences? That question was uncalled for. You (I assume you agree since you allowed your staff writer to print this article) in the media seem to spur the black-white tensions and keep the coals smoldering.

The best qualified person should be mayor, not whether the person is black or white. Help the community to overcome this issue by eliminating such phrases.

Frankie May, Augusta


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