Originally created 02/08/98

Supports `unchained' mayor candidate 020898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Ed McIntyre is the best candidate for Augusta's mayor. He has shown that nothing is going to stop him. He has been talked about, laughed at and criticized, yet he has persevered and endured through the test of time. He has a desire to help the people, because who would go through so much trouble for so little pay?

It was stated in an earlier edition of this newspaper that he had asked God for forgiveness. I believe God has forgiven him because God has removed our sins as far as the east is from the west and never to remember them again.

Your Feb. 1 editorial cartoon pictured Mr. McIntyre getting ready to run, but had him chained to an anvil. But the word of God says that those whom the Son has set free, are free indeed! So Mr. McIntyre is not bound! He has no chains holding him! He has been set free by the mercy and love of Jesus Christ! ...

Jimmie L. Sullivan, Augusta


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