Originally created 02/08/98

Says Texas governor heartless to allow execution 020898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Re Karla Faye Tucker's execution:

Gov. George Bush of Texas will never make it to the White House. He is heartless. If I could add 30 days of hope to any one, and try to help them live, I would. The pope, Pat Robinson and Jerry Farwell would have helped Karla Faye Tucker. There was no need for her to die. When God forgives, he also forgets.

Now I would not trust Gov. Bush with anything, I would not trust his prayers, either.

Where there is no forgiveness, there is no love. God loved Moses, who killed a man, and made him a leader -- one of the greatest.

I was reading in Joshua how Rahab the Harlot helped Joshua and was blessed for it. I trust in God alone. Mankind is mean, hateful, and heartless.

The law that kills is no good. The devil has only three tools to work with -- to kill, to steal, and to destroy. The living devil is about finished and will be put in a lake of fire forever. And all who lie will be put in the fire with him.

Lou Steadman, Augusta


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