Originally created 02/08/98

Calls Aiken court an 'open sewer' 020898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Why are you surprised with Judge Pete Nuessle's actions in overruling a federal judge's decision?

Michael Lops' attorney is John Harte. In 1970, John Harte and Pete Nuessle were fellow law students at the University of South Carolina and have been friends since then.

In South Carolina, a family court judge has great power. No jury is allowed. Hearings in Aiken County are closed to public scrutiny. The judge allows the attorney to write the decision and may not carefully read the order before signing it.

In at least one case, Judge Nuessle signed an order for a case that he did not hear! John Harte was the attorney Robinson vs. Robinson. ...

The family court system in Aiken County is an open sewer. The Lops case publicizes that fact. Do you really want Judge Nuessle on the family court bench for six more years?

By the way, family court is a misnomer. It is divorce court. Families are destroyed and many kids from the broken homes fill South Carolina Prisons.

Chuck Tatum,North Augusta


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