Originally created 02/07/98

Slams `godfather's' bad media rap 020798 - The Augusta Chronicle

I am the most dedicated James Brown fan in the universe. ... Lately, he has been negatively put in the spotlight by various news media.

Why would a city ... edify a man as a role model and then let its news media break him down by (portraying him) as mere joke or a "druggie?"

This is a most revolutionary move I find appalling.

As voters, we confidently vote and voice our opinions to choose our leader -- and then we contradict ourselves by painting the president as and adulterer. Are we not acting like the Marxists of the world when we engage in such radical change? These are our past adversaries we've hated for years. Should we follow in their foot steps? I would think not!

Our city has transformed the image of the Godfather of Soul from being the people's person, in which he truly is, to being the joke of Augusta: "James Brown has finally lost it"; "The Godfather is living off pain killers and marijuana"; "Mr. Brown is in the crazy house," utters Augusta. This sudden transformation from "role model" to "Augusta's drug dealer" is a typical example of how the city has turned its back on our "godfather."

When Augusta dedicates its time and tax dollars into putting its acclaimed role model, James Brown, onto a street sign, it shows the city's view toward him as a beloved Augustan. The consistent acknowledgement of every sneeze Mr. Brown sneezes by the news media is sufficient proof of Augusta's awkward and sudden change.

This city needs to build up, rather than break down. ...

Patrick Brissey, North Augusta


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