Originally created 01/31/98

Challenges Futurity critic to learn more 013198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Re: Cliff Channell's Jan 29 letter calling the Futurity competition a "mismatch":

Did Mr. Channell ever stop to think the reason we spend so many hours and so much money training our horses to "outmaneuver a cow" is because the cows already have the advantage?

Maybe if Mr. Channell learned a little more about cattle, he would realize they are smaller, more agile and, because they are herd-bound creatures, will stop at nothing to get back to the herd. That includes running over your horse.

If you think this competition is a "mismatch," we invite you to show up at the Hippodrome in North Augusta at 4:30 a.m. when cutters are preparing their horses for competition. You might realize who the real "underdog" is.

Tracey R. Neely, Augusta

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