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Raps Medicare/Medicaid fraud, abuse 013098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Fedeal and state Medicare/Medicaid fraud and abuse is probably the largest criminal activity in the country. Each day the government is milked for millions of dollars by "white collar" criminals who, as far as I am concerned, are no better than a crack addict holding up a convenience store.

Remember the big Health-master scandals? I bet that was no more than the tip of an iceberg. The fraud and cover-ups run far deeper than that, right down to the service providers and accountants and lawyers who do smoke and mirror tricks.

Some government officials, such as Sen. Tommy Moore, D-Clearwater, know we need more enforcement of existing laws to curb the thievery. The feds are also increasing the number of fraud and abuse investigators. Why? Because we are being robbed! The Medicare you are paying for is being stolen deliberately.

Recent "cutbacks," as the white collar criminals call it, are really only the proper reductions necessary to try to save Medicare. Now the crooks may be more "creative" with billing to keep the billions flowing annually into their pockets

Insist on enforcement!

Bethany Pearson

North augusta

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