Originally created 01/30/98

World Day blends cultures for international celebration

Meen h Venkatesh wants Augustans to take a trip around the world.

Since she can't afford cruise tickets for everyone, she's organized World Day '98, a celebration of international dance. It will be staged at 6 p.m. Saturday at Augusta State University's Maxwell Performing Arts Theatre, 2500 Walton Way.

"The purpose is just to promote cultural awareness in the CSRA and bring people together," said Ms. Venkatesh.

Last year at the inaugural World Day program, more than 300 dancers performed, and response to the idea was overwhelming, Ms. Venkatesh said. "It was very well attended," she said. This year's event will feature participants representing black, Chinese, German, Greek, Indian, Irish, Mexican, Panamanian, Paraguayan, Filipino, Puerto Rican, Russian, Scottish, Spanish and American cultures.

For instance, last year the Philippine Dance Group of Augusta performed the bamboo dance known as tinkling. The dance is performed alongside two 9-foot bamboo poles, which are struck together in time with the music.

Ms. Venkatesh said the program, sponsored by the Hindu Temple Society, offers an excellent opportunity to experience different cultures -- and it's free. "I think it's a great educational experience for children," she said.

On stage
World Day '98

6 p.m. Saturday

Augusta State University's Maxwell Performing Arts Theatre, 2500 Walton Way



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