Originally created 01/19/98

Two Americans 011998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Today marks the birthday of a 19th century Southern hero, Gen. Robert E. Lee, and a holiday for a 20th century civil rights advocate, the Rev. Martin Luther King.

You couldn't honor two more diverse leaders, but the two are distinctly American. Both believed in great and noble things, and they fought in a great and noble way. The symbolism of the Confederate flags Lee's men carried continues to be debated but we think, if King were still alive, he'd preach tolerance for everyone's historical symbols. Indeed, did you know there are monuments throughout the South honoring black Confederates, with the most prominent located in Arlington National Cemetery? (If liberals are upset over monuments depicting whites, what about these?)

Both men talked of the importance of character. And both leaders would no doubt have agreed that, ultimately, the character of a person is far more important then the color of one's skin.


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