Originally created 01/19/98

Wants safety concerns checked out 011998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Before any industry is given permission to build and operate a plant, there are environmental conditions that must be addressed and environmental laws to be compiled with. If the Amoco Polymer plant on Clanton Road is in violation of its commitment, it should be shut down immediately. If it is a menace to our neighborhood, where children and parents all have their homes, where are we to go?

There have been thousands of homes built in this area before the Amoco plant was built. The Gracewood development has been at its present location many years before Amoco. Before the hysteria of the recent spill at Amoco, the Board of Education had made a good faith decision to build a new high school on Old Waynesboro Road.

The residents in this area are very supportive of their children and their schools. Maybe that's why the elementary school, less than a mile down the road, is the No. 1 rated elementary school in Richmond County. We would expect the same of our high school.

I am grateful for any sincere unselfish concern for our children's welfare. And I have always been concerned about toxic emissions (having lived near Three Mile Island when it had a crisis).

If this area is vulnerable to some sort of toxic catastrophe, let's either do away with us or the industry.

E. Farrell,Augusta


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