Originally created 01/18/98

Wants international sports coverage

I found to my delight, the second picture in a week of a cricketer in your sports section! What a pleasure!

My family and I moved here about four years ago from South Africa and we have been starved of news about cricket and rugby. I have considered writing to you many times, but always thought that I should just accept that this may not be big news in Augusta.

Now you have really whetted my appetite for more!

Can you get "international" with your sports coverage? The present coverage is so insular and domestic. I know that you can get whatever results you like from wire or from the Internet. So why not feature these sports occasionally in your newspaper? I have heard that there is a large rugby following in Augusta, and there are at least 20 South Africans who now live here -- we would all love it.

This would not only serve to give us news and information, but raise the level of the sports coverage one notch above the local emphasis that exists.

Kurt Malzer,Martinez


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